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Address: Building 4, Room 306, No. 526,Ruiqing Road, Zhangjiang High-Tech Park East Areas, Shanghai Pudong 

Office Tel: 021-5892298-601

Sales Tel:021-68719686

Sales QQ:1242357344; Fax: 021-68719686

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BioBond (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (shorten as “BioBond”) has beenFounded by some famous professors from Shanghai Institute of Materia andMedica, CAS to Develop new drug in nervous drug and antitumor areas, Located inShanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, Eastern Areas ( named as National Medical ApparatusPark).

BioBond has an excellent team with rich experiences in development ofdrug including drug synthesis, pharmacology, drug formulation, drug analysisscientists. There are two professors and four Doctors and a lot of masters inBioBond. It has three main business domains:

1, Supply somekey intermediates of API for some pharmaceutical company in the API’s GMPsystem;

2, Serve bigpharmaceutical company in China for Pre-clinical research of APIs and overallsolutions;

3, Develop newdrug including designing and synthesizing new compounds and then testingactivity.